Residential Services

Our Home & Family Plan helps keep your home pest free and promotes the safety and welfare of your family. Our service will help eliminate the following pests:

  • wasps, yellow jackets and hornets
  • rats and mice
  • bed bugs
  • cockroaches
  • carpenter ants
  • spiders
  • silverfish
  • centipedes and millipedes
  • earwigs
  • clover mites
  • carpet beetles
  • sow bugs

We base our service on three finely refined tools:

  1. The ability to listen and learn. What you tell us about a particular infestation can go a long way in eliminating it, for today and tomorrow.
  2. A proven 20-point inspection. This comprehensive inspection identifies problem areas around your structures and provides suggestions for structural and environmental changes to eliminate current and potential pest problems.
  3. We pursue a variety of affordable, smart, and safe strategies that work.

We’ve found that a combination of thorough inspections, monitoring devices, mechanical and physical controls, exclusion practices, and the use of chemicals — and only when absolutely required — offer the best means of treatment and prevention.


Fast. Focused. Flexible.

As a small company, we are quick to respond and quick to take action to solve your problem. When you hire Michalak Pest Control, you’re hiring the company owner who is focused on only one thing: solving the pest problem that you have.

And, we’re flexible with service plans to fit your exact needs. A “one size fits all” service plan just doesn’t cut it in today’s world. We will help you determine the best treatment approach. Likely plans include:

  • One time treatment
  • Weekly treatments
  • Monthly treatments
  • Seasonal treatments